Three isolated plinth turntable

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Top of the 200 line: 3 plinths for the 3 basic turntable components.

Motor, bearing and tonearm stand each one on its own plinth and are decoupled from the others in order to limit even more the possible interactions. The noise path becomes longer and is dissipated by the different materials encountered in the journey.

The quietness of 203 is exemplary. The very low background noise makes even the smallest details emerge from the grooves of the vinyl with the grace and sweetness that only a great system of analogue reproduction can provide.

The harmony and beauty in the design are amplified by the generosity in the dimensions for the current top model in our catalogue. A satisfaction for the eyes, the mind and the heart.

Rigid plinth turntable, belt driven, triple plinth thickness 25mm + 16mm + 16mm decoupled by high tech rubber foils, high precision steel bearing, synchronous motor 24VAC, methacrylate platter crystal clear thickness 20mm, NH93 9” straight PA12/aluminium arm with adjustable VTA, golden plated RCA output connector with separate ground terminal. Supplied with: methacrylate dust cover; RCA stereo cable with ground. Audio-Technica MM cartridge included.