rigid plinth turntable

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It derives directly from the entry level model of the range. New Horizon 121 proposes the same project, while the adoption of a thicker and heavier crystal clear methacrylate platter increases authority and

fluidity to the reproduced music compared to the basic model. The high quality of the materials and the construction care are common to the other models in the New Horizon range.

An affordable turntable for everyone. A product that's second to none.

A MADE in ITALY product to be proud of.

Rigid plinth turntable, belt driven, plinth thickness 25mm, high precision steel bearing, synchronous motor 24VAC, methacrylate platter crystal clear thickness 12mm, 8,6” straight aluminium arm, golden plated RCA output connector with separate ground terminal. Supplied with: methacrylate dust cover; MM cartridge (aluminium cantilever and round stylus); RCA stereo cable with ground.