vM CA470

Stereo class A line preamplifier with 6 inputs and 4 outputs

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The Van Medevoort CA470 stereo pre-amplifier is built with very fast, low-distortion, discrete class ’A’ line stages in cascode technology. This produces the highest quality musical performance for any type of music. The housing is extremely sturdy with a high quality silver / black finish. Only audiophile quality components are used. One gold plated XLR input is installed for an optimal connection with your DAC, CD- or Media player. Five RCA inputs are available to connect other sources and there are three pre-amp outputs, one is XLR balanced for your PA power amp(s). A remote output is fitted to switch the vM power amplifier on and off.

Amplifier channels: 2
Input impedance: 50 kOhms
Channel separation: > 100 dB / 1.5 -100,000 Hz
Distortion: < 0.002 % / 1.5 -100,000 Hz
Output impedance: < 50 Ohms
Output level nom.: 1.5 Veff.
Gain: 16 dB
Signal to noise ratio: > 100 dB
Inputs / connectors: 6 / 1x XLR + 5x RCA
Outputs / connectors: 3 / 1x XLR + 2x RCA
Power supply: 115-230 Volt / 50-60 Hz
Power consumption: 6/15 Watt standby/max
Weight: 9.5 kg
Size W x H (H+Feet) x D: 434 x 88 (102) x 395 mm