VIBEX Pies de resistance

Labyrinth damping support feet - 6 pcs Kit

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From Vibex comes a very particular product and outside the normal field of interest of the company. But perhaps not that much because, just like the cabinet of multi-sockets and filters, the brand new Pies de Résistance Vibex, damping support feet, cancel the transmission of any micro-vibration detected in the whole object placed above them.

The materials used are in part the same as the other Vibex products; however, it is the construction and attention to quality that stands out from the base in Krion® machined from solid so that there are no discontinuity factors in the energy transmission.

The zebrano wooden cylinder above is fixed to the base by means of a special polycarbonate screw (non-magnetic material). The same cylinder is worked inside a machine to create an asymmetrical labyrinth which is then filled by injection of an elastomer that seals the construction. Experiments have been carried out on the shapes and proportions of the various parts and the equilateral triangle design (with curved sides) of the base is the most effective result in dissipating the energy captured.

The Vibex feet can be used to support large and small electronic components, under the speakers and also as supports for wiring, they support a maximum of 50 kg each. Wherever they are located their influence will be distinctly perceived as a general relaxation of the emission, an increase in the naturalness of the timbre and an increased focus.