izQt line panel (pair)

Acoustic Panels with polyurethane

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izQt is the BEST SOLUTION to achieve acoustic comfort in any situation!

BEAUTIFUL unique design, modern and attractive lines, izQt furnishes and enhances any installation

VERSATILE designed to be used inside standard 60cm false ceilings, izQt can be hung with a simple pin or fixed in adherence

EFFECTIVE the choice of materials and the unique architecture act with determination on the most annoying frequencies of rumblings and resonances, izQt generates acoustic well-being

CHEAP there is no need to fill the room with panels because the positive effect of izQt is already noticeable with just a few panels

CERTIFIABLE the materials have been chosen to meet severe usage characteristics, izQt PL is self-extinguishing and also suitable in environments where food is administered

ITALIAN quality matters and we are proud to say that izQt is 100% made in Italy

UNIVERSAL unlike any other panel in circulation, izQt CUSTOM can be customized through a high resolution digital printing system

H: 59,5 cm
L: 59,5 cm
Sp: 4 cm