Absolue Créations

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Absolute creations of exceptional cables

Twenty years of experience in the musical world, a constant passion.

Since 2009, Absolute Creations develops and sells audiophile connections, with the main objective of preserving the speed of signal transmission.

This factor allows the sources, electronics and loudspeakers to completely fade, allowing the recordings to be fully expressed.

Absolute Creations considers and defines the cables as full-fledged links of all systems, and as an indispensable element in an audiophile or professional sound reproduction system.

Thanks to an ambitious development, based on modern technical foundations, we have created 6 complete lines of products for the most demanding audiophiles, at each budget level.

In addition to this range are indispensable accessories. USB Cord, RJ45 Ethernet, mains ramp...

All these products embody the success of the brand's research in terms of sound reproduction.

From the purest notes to the deepest silences, you will be filled with an accomplished musicality.

All these products embody the success of the brand's research.